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Readers ask: Ryan edwards and bentley?

What happened with Ryan and Maci?

Maci, 29, and Ryan, 33, were previously engaged, but ultimately broke up and have since struggled to coparent. Ryan is now married to wife Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer) and Maci is still going strong with husband Taylor McKinney.

How old was Ryan when Bentley was born?

He was 20 years old when their son Bentley was born.

Why did Maci get a restraining order Ryan?

Maci’s husband also filed a protection order against Ryan, claiming he threatened to “put a bullet in [his] head.” Taylor, 31, also alleged: “The police were called and they suggested to seek an order of protection. He has also said he would show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us, my wife and I.”

Is Mackenzie still with Ryan?

Ryan and Mackenzie have been together since May 2016 after meeting at their local gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They got engaged that December and eloped in May 2017. The couple then celebrated their nuptials with a second wedding ceremony and reception in November 2017.

How much is Ryan Edwards worth?

Ryan Edwards net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Reality Star.

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Did Ryan and Mackenzie get a divorce?

Mackenzie and Zach got married in September 2013 when she was five months pregnant with their son. She filed for divorce in July 2016 and their divorce was finalized in November 2016. Mackenzie has primary custody of Hudson. In December, Mackenzie appeared to slam her baby daddy on Instagram.

How old is Ryan Edwards?

Ryan, 33, and Maci, 29, welcomed their son Bentley, now 12, on October 27, 2008. Born on August 10, 1991, Maci was 16 when she became pregnant and 17 by the time she gave birth to Bentley. Meanwhile, Ryan, who turned 33 on January 3, was 20 years old when their son was conceived.

What does macis husband do?

Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, is a co-owner of their clothing line, but before that, he was a motocross racer.

When did Maci and Ryan break up?

Bookout became pregnant with her first child with then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, and gave birth to their son on October 27, 2008. The two got engaged in 2009 but subsequently ended their relationship in 2010. After the breakup with Edwards, Bookout began dating childhood friend Kyle King.

Why did Macy get a restraining order?

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout granted restraining order against ex after heroin arrest. “Teen Mom” star Maci Bookout received a two-year restraining order against her ex-boyfriend after he was arrested for heroin-related charges. Her husband, Taylor McKinney, was also granted an order of protection.

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