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Quick Answer: Bmw x5 warning lights meaning?

What do the lights on my BMW dashboard mean?

The meaning and priority of BMW dashboard indicator colors are listed below: Red – Communicates a warning that requires immediate attention. Orange and Yellow – Designates a warning that is not critical but requires attention as soon as possible.

What are the symbols on my dashboard?

15 Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

  • Oil Pressure Light.
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light.
  • Engine Temperature Warning.
  • Traction Control Light.
  • Anti-lock Brake Warning Light.
  • Traction Control Malfunction.
  • Engine Warning (Check Engine Light)
  • Battery Alert.

What does the BMW warning light with the triangle and exclamation point mean?

The symbol means there is a Check Control message stored. It may be accessed as follows (button 1 is the small lever on the turn signal stalk and button 2 is the button on the end of the stalk) From the 2007 pdf manual, page 83: “1. Push button 1 in the turn indicator lever up.

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What do my dashboard warning lights mean?

Your vehicle’s dashboard light plays an important role. These lights indicate an issue with your car that needs either an immediate action or checking. Transmission Temperature. Indicator light means the engine temperature has exceeded normal limits. Check coolant level, fan operation, radiator cap, coolant leaks.

What coolant can I use in my BMW?

For BMW owners, you need a BMW approved coolant. You can use a BMW Coolant Antifreeze or a BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze. Both coolants are highly effective on all BMW models. They have no nitrite or phosphate, the major corrosion catalysts.

What does red service light mean on BMW?

The reason the light has gone red is that the date for service has come up before the mileage counted down (it says 07/2012 in the bottom of your picture) As for what it is, all the service items are in the manual and on here, you can go through the OBC to check each one.

What does an orange engine light mean?

Check engine lights come in orange, yellow or amber, depending on the manufacturer. If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter.

What does orange light on dashboard mean?

An orange warning light means that the engine management system – the computer that runs the engine – has detected a fault. If a red or orange warning light appears on your dash, don’t ignore it. Instead, pull over somewhere safe and look up what it means in your owner’s manual.

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What does the orange symbol mean in a car?

Red is the equivalent of stop, and means the problem needs investigating immediately; orange or amber is an advisory signal, suggesting drivers will need to take action; and green says all is clear and serves as a helpful reminder. Here’s a helpful guide to the most common dashboard warning lights.

What does the yellow exclamation mark mean in a BMW?

An Exclamation Mark – a problem with the Stop Start Technology. Circle with dotted lines on the side – the brake pads are worn and require replacement. Exclamation mark inside a light bulb – an exterior light bulb has gone out. Gas canister – if the light is yellow, then oil levels are low.

What does the yellow triangle mean on my BMW?

on the key pad hit menu then on the screen you’ll go vehicle status>check control and itll read all messages that cause the triangle. yellow usually just means a message that is not urgent i.e low fuel and or tire pressure and read is more urgent like door open or no seatbelt.

What does the exclamation point in the triangle mean?

Your phone may display an exclamation mark in a triangle on a black screen. This screen is called recovery mode, and is usually accessed from the bootloader menu on an Android device. Select Power Off and wait for the phone to fully turn off.

What does handbrake warning light mean?

This light is the parking brake warning light. It illuminates to show that the parking brake or emergency brake is engaged and must be released before driving. If it remains lit after the parking brake is released or if it turns on and off intermittently while you’re driving, it means you need to add brake fluid.

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Can I still drive my car with the engine light on?

In many vehicles, there are two types of check engine lights—a solid light and a flashing light. A flashing light could mean a more serious problem like an overheating engine or engine misfire, sometimes causing irreversible damage. You shouldn’t drive further if this is the case.

How do you fix a check engine light?

If the check engine light comes on, here are some tips on what you should do:

  1. Look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention.
  2. Try tightening your gas cap.
  3. Reduce speed and load.
  4. Use built-in diagnostic services, if available.
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