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Quick Answer: Audi service number?

How do I contact Audi Financial Services?

If you really need to speak to us direct, call 0800 699 888. Closed on Bank Holidays. If your query is about finance, please visit for advice.

Does Audi have a service book?

You are no longer Issued with a service book to be stamped, records are kept on the Audi system(to refer yo at any time) and you are given an Invoice to keep In your “digital service schedule”booklet. You can purchase a service book, this can be stamped as proof of service If you so wish.

How much is an Audi mot?

An MOT from Audi costs £49.99. Login or register to book an appointment at a centre that’s convenient to you.

How do I complain to Audi UK?

Audi (UK) complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Services.
  2. Email Andrew Doyle (Director of Audi UK) on
  3. Call Customer Services on 0800 699 888.
  4. Email Customer Services on
  5. Tweet Audi (UK) Customer Services.
  6. Tweet Audi (UK)
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Can I extend my Audi lease?

Audi Financial Services will extend your existing lease for up to 6 months (generally 3 months, and then monthly as needed) IF you have ordered a new Audi and provide them with your order’s commission number.

Can I check Audi service history online?

Try this from the myAudi portal: Select Menu>Service>Maintenance>Service Schedule>Display All Entries.

How often do Audis need oil changes?

If you drive an Audi luxury vehicle, you should have your filter and oil changed every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. However, many vehicles need oil changes every 5,000 miles or 6 months.

Do I have to get my Audi serviced at Audi?

Your Audi Needs Periodic Service

All cars need a periodic service due to the large number of interconnected systems, moving parts, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Everything has to work perfectly to ensure optimum performance, safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and reliability.

How do I know when my Audi needs a service?

Your Audi will be due for service every 10,000 miles or one year from your last maintenance, whichever comes first. An indicator light on your dashboard, that resembles a wrench, will activate when you reach your next service interval. The “Service Due” indicator light is a friendly reminder that service is due.

How much is an oil change on an Audi?

Some of the most common maintenance costs for the average Audi include: Oil Change: $50 to $90.

What does an Audi service include?

Each type of service builds on the previous level, so a basic service will typically include an oil and filter change, Pollen filter change and a visual inspection, but there will usually be a top up of all the key fluids in the engine (washer fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid) and a check of up to 50

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Can I service my Audi anywhere?

You can get your car serviced anywhere, but by going to a main dealer, you can be sure those all-important approved parts are used.

Who is Audi head UK?

Audi has appointed Andrew Doyle as UK brand director, moving from his role as managing director of Audi Australia. At the same time, acting director of Audi UK, Cian O’Brien, will take over from Doyle in Sydney from April 2017.

Who is the head of Audi?

Balbir Singh Dhillon – Head of Audi India – Audi India | LinkedIn.

Who is the director of Audi?

Audi appoints new India head. Head of dealer development, Balbir Singh Dhillon, to replace Rahil Ansari as chief of German car brand in India from September 2019.

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