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Quick Answer: Audi check engine light symbols?

What does Audi pre sense warning mean?

Audi pre sense® front notifies you if it detects you’re approaching an object too quickly, and will provide you with a warning signal, then a warning jerk to further encourage you to apply the brakes; however, the vehicle will begin braking itself and prepare for collision.

What are the symbols on a car dashboard?

15 Common Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

  • Oil Pressure Light.
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light.
  • Engine Temperature Warning.
  • Traction Control Light.
  • Anti-lock Brake Warning Light.
  • Traction Control Malfunction.
  • Engine Warning (Check Engine Light)
  • Battery Alert.

What is a central indicator light?

Central Indicator Light

This light appears as a triangle with an exclamation point inside of it, and illuminates as either red or yellow. In either color case, this light indicates that there’s a malfunction, and your instrument cluster will have further details for you.

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How do I reset my Audi warning light?

Audi A3: How to Reset Service Reminder Light

  1. Step 1 – Press “Trip Reset” button and start engine. Pull the knob located on the right-hand side of the instrument cluster (trip reset button).
  2. Step 2 – Turn engine off.
  3. Step 3 – Repeat the procedure.

Does my Audi have pre sense?

Audi PreSense comes in models from the Audi A3 to the Audi A6. Most Audi models do have Audi PreSense, and the ones that don’t can have it added as a technology update. If you’d like us to walk you through the Audi model lineup, feel free to contact us at your convenience!

How do I adjust my Audi pre sense?

Settings on the infotainment system. Select the following on the infotainment system: MENU button > Car > left control button > Driver assist > Audi pre sense. System – The pre sense functions can be switched on/off.

What does an orange engine light mean?

Check engine lights come in orange, yellow or amber, depending on the manufacturer. If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter.

What does P mean on a car dashboard?

The letter P is shown above for “Park”. It is inside the circle in brackets, which is always used to represent brakes. The symbol holding the whole word is also a park brake indicator, but may indicate an electric park brake fault. Click here for more.

What do you do when your engine light comes on?

What to Do About the Check Engine Light

  1. Look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Check your dashboard gauges and lights for indications of low oil pressure or overheating.
  2. Try tightening your gas cap.
  3. Reduce speed and load.
  4. Use built-in diagnostic services, if available.
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What does glow plug warning light mean?

Glow Plug Indicator

Indicator light means that the engine’s glow plugs are warming up and the engine should not be started until the light goes out. If it flashes, an issue has been detected, such as a worn out glow plug.

What is the high beam symbol?

Step 1: Turn on the high beams.

The high beam lights provide extra light when it is very dark out. When the high beam lights are turned on, a blue symbol similar to the headlight symbol will illuminate on the instrument panel.

What does the green foot on Audi mean?

Audi Q8 overview. yabi, 02-11-2019 02:45 PM. It’s a notice to reduce speed.

How do I turn off the service due on my Audi?


  1. Start the Engine.
  2. Press the MENU BUTTON. ( number 4)
  3. Use the Number 1 button to navigate VEHICLE..
  4. Press Number 6 on INDIVIDUAL.
  5. Then select SERVICE CHECK.
  6. Then select SERVICE INTERVAL.
  8. then the confirmation message appear.

What does it mean when Audi says service due?

The AudiService Due” Indicator Light — The ‘service due‘ indicator located on your Audi dashboard signifies that your vehicle is in need of a more comprehensive check-up. In general, most Audis will be due for general service every 10,000 miles or, with increased use, one year following your last maintenance check.

How do I reset the service light on my Audi a5?


  1. Ensure ignition is off.
  2. Press in the wrench button on instrument cluster, and at the same time rotate the ignition key forward (without starting).
  3. While still pressing the “WRENCH” button in, press the “0,0” BUTTON and HOLD until the “SERVICE!” notification clears (about 2 – 3 seconds).
  4. Turn Ignition Off.
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