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Quick Answer: 2002 bmw 325i camshaft position sensor bank 1?

What does camshaft position sensor a bank 1 circuit malfunction mean?

The error code P0340 simply means that the computer has completely sent a signal to the camshaft position sensor however it does not see the right signal that is being returned from the sensor. Since the circuit is a concern, the problem could be in any component of the circuit such as PCM, wiring and sensor itself.

Where is camshaft position sensor a bank 1 located?

The sensor is at the front right top of the engine beneath the large plastic engine cover. It is held on by a single T-30 torx bit machine screw. Please note that OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes, such as the code relied on to “advise” you, can NEVER be used to “directly” condemn parts.

Is Bank One an exhaust or intake?

Camshaft sensor, bank 1 = INTAKE, Camshaft sensor, bank 2 = EXHAUST. If you are getting a Service Engine Soon light and have problems stalling or loss of power and the code is the intake, or Bank 1 Camshaft Position Sensor, replace it even though the Service engine light goes out on it’s own.

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What happens when camshaft position sensor is bad?

A failing camshaft position sensor begins losing its ability to quickly transfer data. Mismatched fuel delivery and ignition timing, even if off by a few milliseconds, will cause your vehicle to sputter, accelerate poorly, lack power, stall or even shut off.

Can I drive with a bad camshaft position sensor?

Your car won’t fail right away if there’s a problem with your camshaft ignition sensor by any means. You can still drive without one, but the overall performance of your vehicle will degrade over time.

What is the camshaft position sensor bank 1?

You also have to take note that this code can be set by extended cranking periods. Meanwhile, the “A” in the code refers to the intake camshaft in a straight overhead camshaft engine. Finally, the “bank 1” in the P0341 code refers to the side of the engine where the number one cylinder is located.

What side of engine is Bank 1?

Bank 1 and bank 2 simply refer to either side of the engine. Check your owner’s manual or a service manual for a positive location of bank 1 and bank 2. Most commonly, bank 1 houses the front most cylinder on the engine cylinder 1, and bank 2 is the opposite side of the engine.

How do I know which camshaft sensor is bad?

Your car’s check engine light will usually pop on when your camshaft position sensor has gone bad and produce a code that’ll let you know you need to install a new one in your vehicle. That’s far from the only indication that a camshaft position sensor has gone bad, though.

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Are there 2 camshaft sensors?

You actually have four camshaft sensors. Two on each head and one for each camshaft. The 1200 camshaft code is a cam timing problem. It could be a mechanical problem with the chain or a problem with the system that adjusts the variable valve timing.

Is bank 1 sensor 1 upstream or downstream?

Sensor 1 is the upstream oxygen sensor. It is the sensor that measures the oxygen content in the exhaust, providing an input to the computer, which determines how to adjust the air/fuel ratio. Sensor 1 is the sensor closest to the engine. Sensor 2 is the downstream oxygen sensor.

What causes a P0015 code?

Possible Causes

Error Code P0015 can be caused by multiple factors, such as: Incorrect shifting of camshaft. Defective Variable Valve Timing (VVT), stuck open, compromised oil flow control valve (sticking), caused by varnish buildup or oil contamination.

Where is the camshaft solenoid located?

You may find it either in back of the cylinder head, in the lifter valley of the vehicle, or next to the engine block. The purpose of a camshaft position sensor is to determine the position of the camshaft as it relates to the crankshaft.

What causes a camshaft sensor to go bad?

The camshaft position sensor gathers information about the vehicle’s camshaft speed and sends it to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM). Over time, the camshaft position sensor can fail, or become worn down, due to accidents or normal wear and tear.

How much does it cost to replace camshaft sensor?

To have the sensor replaced, you can expect to pay between $130 and $200. For labor, you should pay between $70 and $90, and parts can cost as much as $100 or slightly more, but you could pay as little as $60 for them, depending on the kind of car you have.

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What does a bad camshaft sound like?

Some of the symptoms of a bad camshaft are backfiring and popping. There is a cylinder that is misfired at low and high speeds. The valves make a loud tapping noise.

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