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Question: Cars like audi s4?

What cars are similar to Audi A4?

10 Audi A4 Competitors to Consider

  • 2018 Acura TLX. One of the main issues with German luxury cars in general is that the options are expensive and the standard versions always require at least a few.
  • 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia.
  • 2018 Audi A5 Sportback.
  • 2018 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe.
  • 2018 Genesis G80.
  • 2018 Jaguar XE.
  • 2019 Lexus ES.
  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Which year Audi S4 is best?

In fact, CarFax can even find used 2012 Audi S4 models for under $14,000. And don’t let the age fool you, as the 2012 Audi S4 turned out to be one of the best model years in its long history.

Is Audi S4 a reliable car?

The Audi S4 Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 27th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,171 which means it has poor ownership costs.

Whats faster Audi S4 or BMW M3?

Winner: 2020 BMW M3

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With its turbocharged six-cylinder engine good for 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the M3 can leap from zero to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. While the Audi S4 is no slouch, its 349-horsepower turbocharged V6 can’t quite match the acceleration of the M3.

Is Volkswagen better than Audi?

We can reasonably conclude that Audi is the better brand by most metrics. Volkswagen’s two advantages, the superior warranty coverage and price, don’t do much to change the situation. If cost is your primary concern, then sure, VW is the way to go.

What’s better an Audi or BMW?

Audi pull ahead when it comes to styling and tech, but BMW offer a smoother, sportier driving experience. Both brands rank highly when it comes to safety features, but Audi has poorer reliability ratings by a margin.

How many miles do Audi S4 last?

These cars are great cars if you maintain them and I mean the simple things. Change your oil every 3000 miles and keep an eye on engine fluid levels and your car will last over 300,000 miles.

Is Audi S4 fast?

Straightline performance remains strong, with a 0-60 mph sprint of just 4.4 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 155 mph.

Finding balance between utilitarian and fire-breathing.

2020 Audi S4
WEIGHT 3,847 lb
0-60 MPH 4.4 seconds
TOP SPEED 155 mph

Are all Audi S4 supercharged?

All subsequent S4s since 1997 have been based on the Audi A4; and as the A4 has evolved from one generation to the next, so has the S4.

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B8 (Typ 8K, 2009–2016)

Fifth generation (B8/8K)
Engine 3.0L supercharged V6 FSI
Transmission 6-speed manual, 7-speed Dual-clutch transmission ‘S tronic’

How long do Audi engines last?

Depends on a lot of things, like how well it’s taken care of. If you take good care of it and do all the maintenance on time, it shouldn’t have a problem lasting 100,000+ miles. Most modern engines are pretty reliable when taken care of. The longest I have seen has 300 000km’s under its service.

Which is Better Audi S4 or S5?

The Audi S4 is less expensive, while the S5 offers more cargo space (as long as you choose the new Sportback model). Both cars offer plenty of comfort in their exquisite cabins and a plethora of state-of-the-art convenience and safety technology.

What is the most reliable Audi?

Below is our list of the 7 most reliable Audi models.

  1. 2010 Audi A6 – Overall Most Reliable Audi Model. The 2010 Audi A6 mid-size sedan features a roomy, even luxurious cabin area that seats five.
  2. 2009 Audi A3 – Most Reliable Audi Engine.
  3. 2012 Audi A4.
  4. 2013 Audi A3.
  5. 2013 Audi A4.
  6. 2013 Audi A6.
  7. 2010 Audi Q5.

What car is better than BMW M3?

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The line-topping Quadrifoglio beats the M3’s power output with a devilishly captivating 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque from a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. It’s faster than the M3 in the sprint from standstill to 60 mph (3.6 seconds versus 4.1 seconds).

How reliable is an M3?

The BMW M3 Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 29th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,161 which means it has poor ownership costs. Repairs are more frequent and more lkely to be severe than the average car, which means you can expect more major repairs for the M3.

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