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Question: 2000 bmw 323i rear coil springs?

How do you know if your rear coil springs are bad?

Here are a few symptoms that will let you know if your coil springs have worn out.

  1. Sharp Vehicle Sagging.
  2. Unusual Tire Wear.
  3. Unsettling Noise.
  4. Harsh Vehicle Bounce.
  5. Abrupt Vehicle Sway.

How much does it cost to fit rear coil springs?

How much does it cost to replace rear coil springs? For rear coil spring replacement, the cost is the same, sitting at an average of £85. That said, one spring should never be replaced by itself – instead, car owners should have the front or rear set changed as a pair to ensure high performance.

Can you drive with a broken rear coil spring?

This is quite unsafe. A broken coil spring can also be dangerous. The rear suspension is held in place by control rods, so you won’t suddenly lose a wheel. The worst that will happen is that you hit a big bump, that spring falls off the mount, and your fender drops right onto your wheel.

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What happens if rear coil spring breaks?

Flat Back Tires and Broken Wheels

A broken rear spring will cause your vehicle to have flat tires. This is due to the fact that the springs are no longer able to hold the weight of the back of your car. The rear wheels will begin with a crack, which will eventually lead to a completely broken wheel if left unaddressed.

What are signs of bad suspension?

Common signs of suspension problems

  • Pulling to one side when driving.
  • Feeling every bump.
  • One corner sits low.
  • Diving, rolling and/or squatting.
  • Difficulty when steering.
  • When your steering becomes difficult, especially when driving at low speeds, it means that there might be a problem with your suspension or steering systems.
  • Oily shock absorbers.

How long do rear coil springs last?

Those variables make it virtually impossible to assign a number of years or miles as a broad stroke, though we would expect shock absorbers (or struts on vehicles with strut-type suspensions that incorporate the shocks into an assembly with springs and other suspension parts) to last at least four or five years unless

Do you need to replace both coil springs?

It’s recommended to replace coil springs in pairs. Over time coil springs weaken, so if you replace only one spring, the left and right springs will respond differently to the road and the left and ride sides may have a different ride height.

What causes a coil spring to break?

Corrosion. time that broken springs are found. Winter can bring ice, snow, cold temperatures and salt to Britain’s roads, which causes accelerated corrosion of the coil spring. A sudden impact to the suspension, caused when driving over a speed bump or pot hole, can result in coil spring breakage.

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What does a broken coil spring sound like?

Knocking noise over bumps. With a broken coil spring the suspension angles and travel are changed and can cause a rattle or clunking sounds.

How dangerous is a broken coil spring?

Broken coil springs can lead to tires breaking and uneven wear on your tires. Since a coil spring can break down on one side of your vehicle, extra pressure can be placed on one of your wheels, causing the tire to wear down faster than the others. Replacing your broken coil springs prevent these problems entirely.

Is a broken coil spring an MOT failure?

The most significant amendment states that if a spring is broken at an extreme end (where it locates on the spring mount) it will not necessarily fail the test. If the spring mounting is cracked, fractured, loose, or seriously weakened by damage or corrosion, it should be rejected.

Can a coil spring be welded?

Our answer is always no. You shouldn’t even weld near your springs, let alone on them. Springs don’t stand well to heat, since heat causes springs steel to de-carbonize and lose tensile strength, making the area around the weld brittle like a cheap pencil. This causes your springs to break very easily.

How do you tell if a spring has gone on car?

Symptoms of Bad or Failing Suspension Springs

  1. Vehicle is tilting to one side.
  2. Uneven tire wear.
  3. Vehicle bouncing more while driving.
  4. Vehicle bottoming out.

How long do coil springs last on a car?

However, depending on their application to the vehicle, many coil springs can last the lifetime of the vehicle. There really is no expiration date on coil springs, but there are a few things to check for when inspecting your suspension.

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How long does it take to replace coil springs?

But, if you know what you’re doing, you should be able to do it in <4 hours (from the time you pull the car into the garage until you pull it out). The fronts will take the longest, and the rears can be done in about 15-30 minutes per side, or less.

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