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Often asked: Cadillac winter garden theatre?

What shows have played at the Winter Garden Theatre?

Winter Garden Theatre

  • The Music Man. Feb 10, 2022 –
  • Beetlejuice. Apr 25, 2019 – Mar 10, 2020.
  • School of Rock – The Musical. Dec 06, 2015 – Jan 20, 2019.
  • Wolf Hall Parts One & Two. Apr 09, 2015 – Jul 05, 2015.
  • Rocky. Mar 13, 2014 – Aug 17, 2014.
  • Mamma Mia! Jan 01, 2007 – Oct 19, 2013.

What are the best seats at the Winter Garden Theatre?

Which seats in Winter Garden have the best view? Seats in Row D to K in center Orchestra and Rows A to Row C in Center Mezzanine have the best view of the stage.

Who owns the Winter Garden Theater?

Winter Garden Theatre

Owner Shubert Organization
Type Broadway
Capacity 1,526
Opened March 10, 1911

How big is the Winter Garden Theatre?

In the 1970s, both popular and cutting-edge productions played at the Winter Garden.

Theatre Dimensions.

Theatre Dimensions
Proscenium Opening: 44′ 10″
Height of Proscenium: 24′ 4″
Depth to proscenium: 40′ 0″
Depth to front of stage: 44′ 2″
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Where is the Beetlejuice stage door?

Turn right and walk to the stage door, which is on 7th Avenue between 50th and 51st. If exiting via the theatre’s Broadway door, turn left as you exit, then left again onto 50th St., then left onto 7th Ave. The door is marked “Stage Door” and with the numbers of its address, 770 7th Avenue.

Is Beetlejuice still playing on Broadway?

The Tony-nominated smash Beetlejuice played its final performance on March 11 at the Winter Garden Theatre. Brightman, was named’s 2019 Star of the Year.

Are orchestra seats good?

Orchestra Section

Considered the best tickets in the house, these seats are on the main level of the theatre and offer the closest seating to the stage. The Orchestra is usually divided into 3 sections with a left and right aisle (though this can vary from theatre to theatre).

What is the equivalent of Broadway in London?

Official London Theatre is London’s equivalent of, bringing theatre fans around the world all the latest news from the glittering West End.

Who played the Music Man on Broadway?

Two-time Tony Award®, Grammy Award®, and Emmy Award® winner Hugh Jackman will make his highly anticipated return to Broadway in what is widely agreed to be the greatest role ever created for an actor in the history of musical theater: Professor Harold Hill in Meredith Willson’s beloved classic, The Music Man.

What theater is Beetlejuice in?

Beetlejuice Tickets | Winter Garden Theatre | New York Theatre Guide.

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What Theatres are considered Broadway?

Current union contracts clearly spell out if a production is “Broadway” or not, but the general rule is that any venue that mostly hosts legitimate theater productions, is generally within Manhattan’s Theater District, and has a capacity over 500 seats is considered a Broadway theater.

Where is Beetlejuice playing in NYC?

Beetlejuice The Musical New York shows are held at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City.

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