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Often asked: Bmw x5 oil cooler?

Is an oil cooler worth it?

It depends on what you want to do with the car. If you drive it to work and don’t abuse it, an oil cooler isn’t really necessary. If you live in a hot climate like I do, it might be worth considering. If anything goes wrong with the oil cooler, the engine could run out of oil very quickly and be ruined in no time.

Can you drive with a bad oil cooler?

You‘ll be fine so long as it doesn’t get pushed too hard. Have you tried to back flush the oil cooler in the meantime? That could buy you some time.

Can I bypass my oil cooler?

you do not need a cooler. You can always bypass an OEM oil cooling system and install an aftermarket system but in your circumstances if it is properly installed, the OEM system is fine. Transmission oil coolers can leak into the coolant, too, so be sure that is not the issue.

Can you use a transmission cooler as an oil cooler?

You can use a transmission cooler like an engine oil cooler, however, to make it work properly there are adapters and modifications that will be required.

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How do I know if my oil cooler is leaking?

If the leak is small, you may notice coolant puddling on the ground underneath your vehicle. If the leak is a large one, you will probably notice steam pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle. As with the above symptom, it’s important to contact a professional mechanic as soon as you notice a coolant leak.

What size oil cooler do I need?

Be sure to choose a size that will not be too small and restrictive, as this will result in oil pressure drop that could damage an engine. Most engines will use an -8 AN or -10 AN size fitting though high-capacity/high-flow engines can also go to -12 AN port sizes on occasion.

What happens when oil cooler fails?

When an oil cooler fails, it can force all the coolant out of the engine and raise the risk of an overheated engine, which may lead to possible engine damage. If the leak is significant, you’ll notice coolant on the ground or see steam gushing out from underneath the hood.

Can an oil cooler be repaired?

The Industry Standard for repairing old, leaking oil coolers used to be epoxy applied directly to the area of the leak (although at Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc., we have never used epoxy to repair a leaking oil cooler – we perform all repairs using only an appropriate Inert-Gas type weld).

How much does it cost to replace an oil cooler?

The average cost for engine oil cooler replacement is between $540 and $617. Labor costs are estimated between $186 and $235 while parts are priced between $354 and $382. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location.

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Should I bypass radiator transmission cooler?

If you live in a very warm area, it may be better to bypass the factory transmission cooler in the radiator in favor of a larger, external transmission cooler. It is recommended however to keep the factory radiator transmission cooler and use and external cooler if you live in a cooler climate.

Does a transmission cooler really help?

An automatic transmission works harder when towing heavy loads or driving in rough conditions, so it gets hotter than usual. A transmission cooler helps the transmission stay cool, even when working harder than normal, which in turn lets you get the best performance and long life out of it.

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