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Often asked: Acura integra engine specs?

What engine does an Integra have?

Honda Integra DC5

Honda Integra (DC5)
Engine 02-06 Base: 2.0L K20A3 160 hp (119 kW) I4 02-04 Type-S: 2.0L K20A2 200 hp (149 kW) I4 05-06 Type-S: 2.0L K20Z1 210 hp (157 kW) I4 02-06 Type-R: 2.0L K20A 220 hp (164 kW) I4
Transmission 5-speed automatic 5-speed manual 6-speed manual
Wheelbase 101.2 in (2,570 mm)

Is a b18b1 VTEC?

The B18 came in both non-VTEC and VTEC variations. It was a non-VTEC 1.8L motor that put out 130 hp from 1990–1991, while the 1992–1993 version had a slight increase to 140 hp. The beauty of the 1.8L powerplant, however, was its 121 ft-lbs of torque.

Is B18C a Type R?

This engine can be found in Honda Integra Type R. The B18C Type R engine can be identified by the red valve cover, the 4-1 header, and an intake collector. 8. B18C1 was an engine for USDM Acura Integra GSR.

What Honda has a B18 engine?

The Honda B18 engine is built as a pure DOHC engine for the most part as a VTEC engine in compact cars from Honda. It is found in the Civic, CRX, CRX Del Sol, Integra, CR-V and some other models.

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Can you feel VTEC kick?

also “vtec” shouldn’t have a noticeable “kick” when it engages, that would be abnormal because vtec is supposed to be a smooth transition. if you had exhaust you could hear the vtec through the rear and then the butterflies opening up, which in return increases intake noise up front.

Why did they stop making Acura Integra?

The RSX was sold as a Honda Integra in Japan and Australia, markets where Acura did not exist. In March 2006, Honda announced that the Integra would be discontinued in June after its final 300 cars were sold, due to the shrinkage of the coupe market.

Is LS VTEC better than GSR?

ls/vtec! its alot faster than a gsr.

What RPM does VTEC kick?

the s2000 vtec kicks in at 6000 rpm. redline is high on those cars, lot of time in vtec

What is an LS VTEC?

An LS/VTEC motor combines the bottom end of a non-VTEC b-series motor with a DOHC VTEC head. These motors are often called hybrid or Frankenstein motors. They get this name because they take parts from various motors, and their sum is greater than their parts.

How much HP does B20 VTEC have?

Honda B20B/B20Z engine specs

Manufacturer Honda Motor Company
Cylinder bore, mm (inch) 84 (3.31)
Compression ratio 8.8 9.2 9.4 9.6
Displacement 1972 cc (120.3 cu in)
Power output 94 kW (126 HP) at 5,400 rpm 106 kW (145 HP) at 6,200 rpm 110 kW (150 HP) at 6,200 rpm 110 kW (150 HP) at 6,300 rpm
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How much is a Integra Type R Worth?

Today, the Integra Type R is a legend, with prices far eclipsing an original retail price in the low-$20,000 range. In 2018 at its Las Vegas auction, Barrett-Jackson set a new world-record price for a low-miles 1997 ITR at $63,800.

How much HP does B18C have?

Later models have minor upgrades including modifications to the intake valves and ports and piston tops, along with individual cylinder oil injectors (B18C models). They produce between 126 hp (94 kW; 128 PS) and 190 hp (142 kW; 193 PS), with some models capable of a redline over 8,500 rpm.

What is the best B16 engine?

The B16B is the most desirable of all B16 engines and was a revised and improved equivalent of the earlier B16A SiR 2nd Gen. For this, they opted for a de-stroked equivalent of the Integra Type-R B18 engine, which provided a new height of 212.4mm.

What Honda engine is best for boost?

In stock forum, I’d say the GSR is the better one to boost. With stock boost levels (8-10psi tuned), the additional Vtec would yield much greater results. I have installed turbo kits on LS’s and GSR’s and the GSR’s made about 20-30 more horsepower to the wheels in the upper RPM ranges.

How much HP can a B16 handle?

250 – 400 whp.

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