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FAQ: Chrysler sebring convertible top motor?

How much does it cost to replace a convertible top motor?

If you need a convertible top repair, you should plan on spending at least $500-$1,000.

How do you test a convertible top motor?

Use a digital multimeter to check the lines feeding the convertible top motor. Every time you press the convertible switch, you should read between 11-13 volts at the pump. If you are not getting any current at the hydraulic motor, you may have an electrical problem or a defective switch.

Why won’t my convertible top go down?

The convertible top won’t go down. If you follow all the steps but still can’t get the top to go down, it could be due to a bad convertible top relay, burned fuse, hydraulic pump needing to be replaced, and a defective limit switch, weak cylinder, or a hydraulic line leak.

Are Sebring convertibles good cars?

The Chrysler Sebring convertible is a very good car. A lot of people had good things to say about it and it’s good looking. I’ve had this car for 11 years and I haven’t had to do much work to it. It is still running and everything still works.

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Is it hard to replace a convertible top?

Convertible tops not only require the material for the top, but also the frame, pads and cables. If you want to trim the cost of your convertible top replacement, then re-use these components when possible. Most vehicles do not require convertible top frames to be replaced in their project.

Can convertible tops be repaired?

Repairing a convertible top is not as easy as stitches and patches. So that’s one of the reasons you see convertible tops with duct tape instead of patches — there just isn’t an adhesive that does the job well. So you’ll need to use something to seal your tear and hold the patch and that’s why people use stitching.

What kind of fluid goes in a convertible top motor?

The hydraulic system uses Dexron II automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

How does a hardtop convertible work?

In most hardtop convertibles, the driver pushes a button that causes the top to fold itself in half. The side windows roll down, the trunk opens its gaping maw, and the hardtop lowers itself into it.

How does a convertible top motor work?

The convertible motor drives the pump which is connected to the motor at one end and the fluid reservoir on the other end. The pump generates a pressure varying from 300 to 450 psi. It is fitted in the trunk area and supplies hydraulic fluid to the lift cylinders which are mounted on either side of the vehicle.

How do I reset my E46 convertible top?

How to Reset an E46 Convertible Top

  1. Press down on the emergency lock button, located between the rear seats. Release the button.
  2. Grasp the convertible top on the side and on the top convertible top frame. Lift the top up and forward until you meet with resistance.
  3. Pry out the cover panel in the middle of the front convertible top frame.
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How do you close a Mustang convertible top manually?

To close the convertible top:

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  2. Press and hold the convertible top switch until the windows lower completely and the top unfolds and moves forward toward the windshield header.
  3. Continue pressing the convertible top switch to cl.

Is Chrysler Sebring a reliable car?

Above all for my chrysler sebring to be used when it was purchased it has been a very dependable car. I have had major electrical issues with my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Sedan.

When did they stop making Chrysler Sebring?

The Chrysler Sebring (/ˈsiːbrɪŋ/ SEE-bring) is a line of mid-size automobiles that was sold from 1995 through 2010 by Chrysler. Three generations of convertibles, two generations of sedans, and two generations of coupes were produced.

How much is a 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible worth?

2000 Chrysler Sebring Value – $219-$1,837 | Edmunds.

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