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FAQ: Bmw idler pulley noise?

What noise does a bad idler pulley make?

Belt squealing

If the surface of the idler pulley wears, or the pulley seizes or binds it may cause the engine belt to squeal as a result of it rubbing against the surface of the pulley. In some instances a bad pulley may bind or slip and cause the belt to squeal when the engine is first started.

What are the symptoms of a bad idler pulley?

Without a belt, stalling and overheating of the engine become commonplace. For auditory cues, squealing noise from the engine belt can be a tell-tale sign. As the pulley wears, the engine belt may squeal as it rubs against the surface of the pulley. The issue will worsen with time.

Is it OK to drive with a bad idler pulley?

So, how long can you drive with a bad idler pulley? The safety recommendation is not to drive the car at all and take it to a mechanic immediately. You should be concerned if the vehicle makes squeaking or rattling noises. The car can still run for months or break after a few days.

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Can idler pulley making noise?

If your idler pulley is worn and the grooves do not hold the belt firmly, you will hear a squeaking noise from the engine. When the bearings are worn, they make a rattling noise. At this point you should stop your vehicle and diagnose the problem. Most mechanics have an easy way to identify a faulty pulley.

What does a bad power steering pulley sound like?

If only one or two bearings are bad it will sound like thumping but if the whole bearing is bad it will squeal.

How often should you replace the idler pulley?

An idler pulley is expected to wear over time, and eventually the pulley will fail. Replacement intervals for idler pulleys vary, but are usually within the 50,000 to 100,000 mile range. Replacement often coincides with expected serpentine/accessory belt replacement periods.

What’s the difference between tensioner and idler pulley?

The physical difference between an idler pulley and a tensioner pulley is a simple adjustable bolt. Idler pulleys spin in order to move belts to different places. Tensioner pulleys, which are spring-loaded, provide pressure to a belt that drives other pulleys while simultaneously easing the strain on that belt.

How much does it cost to replace the idler pulley?

The total price to replace the idler pulley typically ranges between $80 and $200, with the parts ranging between $40 and $90, and the total labor cost averaged between $40 and $110.

What happens if the tensioner pulley fails?

When the tensioner or tensioner pulley fails, the loss of tension can cause the belt and pulleys to make high-pitched rattling or chirping noises. If the pulley bearing completely fails, it can also cause a squealing or even a grinding noise.

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How much does it cost to fix a tensioner pulley?

Once that pulley is damaged or loose, then you are going to have some issues with your car’s performance. You will pay somewhere between $125 and $380 to have your tensioner pulley replaced. The labor should run between $45 and $155, while parts can cost as little as $85 or as much as $225.

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