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FAQ: Bmw gas mileage 2014?

Which BMW gets the best gas mileage?

Which BMW Car Has the Highest Gas Mileage? The new 2019 BMW 3 Series and 2019 BMW 5 Series both return up to 36 highway mpg, making them the most fuel-efficient BMW cars. The rest of the pack isn’t far behind though, as popular BMW vehicles like the 2 Series and BMW 4 Series both return over 30 highway mpg.

What kind of gas does a 2014 BMW 320i take?

Compare Side-by-Side

2014 BMW 320i
EPA Fuel Economy Premium Gasoline
28 MPG 23 35 combined city/highway city highway
3.6 gal/100mi
442 miles Total Range

Is 27 mpg good gas mileage?

Don’t expect to attain higher than 20 mpg overall with a non-hybrid, and most offer less than 30 mpg on the highway. The best fuel-efficient non-electric vehicles get the following EPA-estimated combined numbers: Small Pickup: Chevrolet Colorado 2WD Diesel and GMC Canyon 2WD Diesel get 23 mpg.

What is the MPG of a BMW?

Fuel Economy of 2019 BMW Vehicles

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EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates
2019 BMW 430i Convertible 4 cyl, 2.0 L, Automatic (S8)
25 combined city/highway MPG 21 city 32 highway 4.0 gals/100 miles Not Available How can I share my MPG?
2019 BMW 230i xDrive Coupe 4 cyl, 2.0 L, Automatic (S8)
Premium Gasoline

What car gets 50 mpg?

If you’re looking for family-friendly midsize cars that get around 50 mpg, the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid will get just about as close as you can, thanks to projected EPA fuel efficiency marks of 49 mpg city, 47 mpg highway, and 48 mpg combined.

Do BMWs have alot of problems?

There are certainly BMW’s that have been plagued with frequent, costly issues. It is not hard to find horror stories and complaints about reliability. However, on the opposite end, there are also plenty of BMW’s that surpass 100,000 miles with no issues, or few minor issues.

Does a BMW 320i need premium gas?

BMW recommends premium but 87 is the minimum required.

What gasoline does BMW recommend?

No matter your model, BMW recommends using only premium-unleaded fuel. That’s not to say your BMW won’t run on lower-grade fuel, but premium-unleaded fuel will maintain its quality in the long run, letting you drive at peak performance consistently.

What type of gas does a BMW 320i take?

Compare Side-by-Side

Vehicle Specification Data
Passenger Volume 96 ft3 (4 door)
Luggage Volume 13 ft3 (4 door)
Fuel Type Premium Gasoline Recommended
Engine Descriptor SIDI

Is 30 mpg good gas mileage?

A normal petrol engine just has trusty old gasoline and no fancy electric motors. While the Prius gets around 60 mpg, something that gets at least 30 mpg might classify as good. Here are some cars that get at least 30 mpg from the last few years: 2014 BMW 328i (35 mpg highway, $21,000)

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Is 22 mpg good for a car?

It depends on what you’re driving. A small economy-sized car should do considerably better then that (25+). My small Honda SUV gets 21–22 with almost 200,000 miles on it. A pickup truck that gets 19 is doing reasonably well.

Is a 46 mpg good?

But with all that being said, a good MPG figure to aim for is anything between 50 and 60MPG. This will ensure that your car is efficient and economical, which means low running costs and car tax rates.

How do I reset my BMW mpg?

On the turn signal lever. Push the button to scroll thru the menu, when you get to MPG hold the button in until it resets.

Is BMW X5 fuel efficient?

Costs, insurance groups, MPG and CO2

The X5 has average fuel consumption figures for the class. The diesel 30d returns a claimed combined fuel economy of just over 40mpg, while the petrol 40i officially records just over 30mpg.

How many miles per gallon does a Mercedes get?

Fuel Economy of 2019 Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates
2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4matic 4 cyl, 2.0 L, Automatic (AM7)
Premium Gasoline Not Available How can I share my MPG?
27 combined city/highway MPG 24 city 33 highway 3.7 gals/100 miles
2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4matic 4 cyl, 2.0 L, Automatic 9-spd
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