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Audi contact number?

How do I contact Audi UK?

There’s lots of advice and answers to the most frequently asked questions here, and if your question’s not answered you can email us directly at If you really need to speak to us direct, call 0800 699 888.

How do I contact Audi?

Please consult your owner’s manual for direction, or if further assistance is needed you may reach our Audi Customer Experience Center at + 1 800 822 2834.

How do I complain to Audi UK?

Audi (UK) complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Services.
  2. Email Andrew Doyle (Director of Audi UK) on
  3. Call Customer Services on 0800 699 888.
  4. Email Customer Services on
  5. Tweet Audi (UK) Customer Services.
  6. Tweet Audi (UK)

How do I file a complaint with Audi USA?

Audi complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on (800) 822-2834 or (800) 822-AUDI.
  2. Visit Customer Care Email Form.
  3. Tweet Audi.
  4. Follow Audi.
  5. Watch Audi.
  6. Follow Audi.

How long is Audi warranty UK?

Audi UK warrants that it will rectify, free of charge, defects in materials and workmanship for a period of up to 3 years or 60,000 miles whichever occurs first. This warranty applies to Audi vehicles which were imported into the UK by Audi UK.

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Who is the CEO of Audi UK?

Andrew Doyle – Director of Audi UK – Audi UK | LinkedIn.

Is the Audi Care package worth it?

The Verdict: Not Worth It

If you’re going to get one of the Audi Care plans, the only plan that will remotely come close to being a fair value is the 20/30/40/50k plan.

Can you end an Audi lease early?

You may turn in your vehicle up to 30 days before your scheduled lease maturity date. If you turn in your vehicle more than 30 days prior to your scheduled lease maturity date, you will be terminating your lease early, and you will receive an early termination invoice within 2-12 weeks of returning the vehicle.

Can I extend my Audi lease?

Audi Financial Services will extend your existing lease for up to 6 months (generally 3 months, and then monthly as needed) IF you have ordered a new Audi and provide them with your order’s commission number.

Who is the head of Audi?

Balbir Singh Dhillon – Head of Audi India – Audi India | LinkedIn.

Who is the director of Audi?

Audi appoints new India head. Head of dealer development, Balbir Singh Dhillon, to replace Rahil Ansari as chief of German car brand in India from September 2019.

How much does Audi connect cost?

Pricing: $20 per vehicle monthly plan charge (3 vehicles on plan results in $60 monthly plan charge). Devices: Sold separately. Limits: 3 vehicles per plan. Hotspot: Connects a limited number of Wi-Fi capable devices per vehicle hotspot.

Is Audi financial and VW Credit the same?

VCI services Volkswagen, Audi and Ducati customers, authorized automobile and motorcycle dealers and their affiliated stores as Volkswagen Credit, Audi Financial Services or Ducati Financial Services. The company provides competitive financial products and services to dealers and their customers in the USA.

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What is covered under Audi warranty?

The standard warranty for all Audi vehicles includes: Audi provides four year or 50,000 mile coverage for the entire vehicle. This is a bumper-to-bumper policy that covers everything for defects and faulty workmanship. The drive train warranty includes the transmission, engine, driveshaft and drive axles.

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