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Audi a8 warranty?

What does my Audi warranty cover?

The standard warranty for all Audi vehicles includes: Audi provides four year or 50,000 mile coverage for the entire vehicle. This is a bumper-to-bumper policy that covers everything for defects and faulty workmanship. The drive train warranty includes the transmission, engine, driveshaft and drive axles.

How long is Audi warranty?

The 3-year Audi warranty begins on the date of delivery to the first owner and lasts for a minimum of 2 years, with the warranty continuing for a third year or up to 60,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. The warranty is automatically transferred to any new owner, subject to the same terms and conditions.

What is covered under Audi factory warranty?

What is Covered by the Audi Manufacturer’s Warranty? 4-years or 50,000-miles, whichever comes first. Sometimes called referred to as comprehensive or exclusionary warranty. This covers ALL components including wear and tear items and major powertrain components such as the engine.

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Does Audi have extended warranty?

The Audi extended warranty offers three levels of protection, which can extend up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. Coverage from a third-party extended car warranty provider may be a better choice to protect your Audi in the long run.

Is it worth buying Audi extended warranty?

Having an Audi extended warranty can definitely be worth it, and third-party options can be cheaper and more flexible than Audi’s plan. To find the best extended car warranty companies, we compared prices, coverage, brand reputation, and customer experience.

Is Audi extended warranty any good?

The extended warranty that Audi offers tends to be the best cover or at least equal to any other warranty. The one big difference is there tends to be less arguments about whether they will pay out.

Is it worth it to get Audi care?

The Verdict: Not Worth It

You’ll lose a little bit on the balance, but it might be worth it for you if you value having a dealership do the service, even though any ASE certified mechanic will be able to do the service for you. That’s probably why Audi makes the pre-payment non-refundable.

How much does it cost to extend Audi warranty?

The extended Audi warranty is transferable to a private party for a $50 fee, and it has several deductible options: $0, $100 “disappearing,” $100, and $250 per visit. The $100 disappearing deductible is waived if car repairs are made at the selling dealership.

What is the best car warranty?

Top 10 New Car Warranties

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New Car Warranty Bumper-to-Bumper
1. Hyundai 5 years/60,000 miles
2. Kia 5 years/60,000 miles
3. Genesis 5 years/60,000 miles
4. Volkswagen 6 years/72,000 miles for 2018 and 2019 models, 4 years/50,000 miles for 2020 models

Is my Audi under warranty?

If your Audi is less than 4 years old and has fewer than 50,000 miles on it, it is likely still covered under the Audi warranty. The best way to be certain is to contact an Audi dealership. If you provide your VIN, the dealership should be able to tell you about your Audi warranty coverage.

Do Audi cars last long?

But with a reasonable amount of maintenance, a modern vehicle can last to somewhere between a 150,000 to 200,000 miles. That number is based on taking really good care of the car, doing all of the maintenance that is required and recommended; and replacing your audi parts as soon as they start to wear out.

How much does the Audi Certified warranty cost?

Get Audi CPO Car Prices

The Audi Certified Pre-Owned car program covers the remainder of the New Car Limited Warranty plus a 2yr/50k miles Certified Pre-Owned Audi Warranty. The warranty deductible is $85. Select a Audi CPO car below and review the latest certified pre-owned values available.

Is it worth it to buy extended warranty on car?

An extended car warranty may help cover the cost of certain repairs to your vehicle when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, but they’re not for everyone. While it may sound like a good idea in theory, extended warranties often come with a high price tag and don’t necessarily cover everything that could go wrong.

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Is Audi extended warranty transferable?

Audi Extended Warranty

It can also be an excellent method of keeping up your Audi’s resale value, as an extended warranty is fully transferable to its new owner if you choose to sell or part-exchange your car.

What is the average cost of an extended car warranty?

The average cost of an extended car warranty is $1,500, but the price can be as high as $3,000. Extended car warranties are only worth the money if your car is unreliable and you don’t have the financial resources to pay for mechanical repairs.

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