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Question: A1 bentley producer credits?

What has A1 Bentley produced?

Before Love & Hip Hop

A1 Bentley is a record producer, songwriter and rapper, originally from Kansas City, Kansas. He has produced and written singles for high profiles artists such as Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign. He is also known for his distinctive style; blonde dreads, black nail polish and pearls.

What songs have A1 wrote?

A1 Keeps Referring to His Singles on the Radio But What Songs Has He Worked On?

  • “Party” by Chris Brown featuring Usher and Gucci Mane.
  • A1 composed “Party” as the lead single of Chris Brown’s eighth studio alongside Brown, Usher, and wife Lyrica Anderson, among others. ”
  • “Back For More” by Justine Skye featuring Jeremih.

Who is A1 from Love and Hip Hop?

Lyrica Anderson (born December 18, 1988) is an American singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of singer and former Ikette Lyrica Garrett. Anderson has appeared on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

What happened to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production has reportedly ceased on all four of the series a part of the VH1 Love & Hip Hop franchise, as OMFG Reality TV reports. The status of the popular franchise is currently uncertain, like a number of other productions.

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Will there be a Season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?

So, all in all, we are positive that the show will come back and ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywoodseason 7 will premiere sometime in August, 2020.

Is Love and Hip Hop returning?

The “Love & Hip Hop” franchise is expected to return with new seasons and specials throughout 2021, following down-time caused by coronavirus-related restrictions. “Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked” is produced by Mona Scott-Young, Stephanie R. Gayle, Michael Lang and Marta Ravin from Monami Productions.

What does A1 stand for?

A1 means “Top Quality.” The abbreviation A1 is widely used to indicate that something is of “Top Quality.” The term A1 can be applied to almost anything, from a person’s appearance or personality to the quality of a product or the standard of an action completed. (See examples below).

What is Princess love net worth?

Facts of Princess Love

Full Name: Princess Love
Birth Date: August 14, 1984
Horoscope: Leo
Birth Place: Oakland, California, U.S.
Net Worth: $2 million

How old is Apryl Jones?

Apryl is 34 years old. She was born on December 15th, 1986 and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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