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FAQ: Bmw m1 original price?

How much does a BMW M1 cost?

The first BMW model to be mid-engined, the M1 had a troubled birth, but has gone on to become an iconic BMW car. The M1 was created to be a racing car, and the road going version was necesarry for homologation.


CMV $455,575
Dollar Volume $3.2m
Lowest Sale $368,000
Top Sale $577,500
Most Recent $500,000

Is the BMW M1 a supercar?

One of those cars is BMW M1, a unique supercar breakthrough by a then-developing Bavarian company. Built in very limited numbers and with moderate success, this dramatic wedge-shaped automobile hides a perplexing origin story ending in a chapter about one of the most coveted BMW collector automobiles today.

When was the BMW M1 made?

As well as being one of the most famous sports cars of the 1970s, the M1 is a fascinating vehicle that shaped BMW M like no other. Boasting a powerful 6-cylinder in-line engine and a striking name, the BMW M1 became a major player in the automotive world when it debuted in 1978.

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How many BMW 1M were made in the UK?

BMW 1 Series M Coupe

A total of 6,331 units were delivered to Europe and America – with the UK receiving just 450 right-hand drive examples.

Which BMW M is the best?

The Best 10 BMW M Cars

  1. Z3M Coupe. Launched in 1996, affectionately known as the ‘breadvan’, perhaps a marmite car but residual values are currently proving not necessarily in a bad way.
  2. 1M Coupe.
  3. M1.
  4. E34 M5.
  5. E61 M5.
  6. F16 X6M.
  7. E46 M3 CSL.
  8. e30 M3.

Will there be a BMW M1?

BMW: no M1 super hatch coming, new M2 and M2 CS instead.

What does M1 mean in BMW?

M1: sport suspension, comfort steering, sport throttle, MDM.

What engine is in the BMW 1M?

The 1M is powered by the N4 twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter I-6 engine. For the 1M, the turbocharger, exhaust system, and ECU have been revised to produce 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque, though up to 369 pound-feet are available temporarily in overboost mode.

Is I8 a supercar?

The I8 was the BMW flagship hybrid supercar, and it looks like something from outer space. The exotic yet futuristic design established the car as the manufacturer’s first step towards a new generation of cars and combined luxury with the plug-in hybrid experience.

What was the first BMW ever made?

The First BMW Car

The BMW 3/15 was the company’s first offering; it was produced as a “Dixi” car between 1927 and 1929 and then as a BMW from July 1929 to March 1932.

How many 1M BMW are made?


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Vehicle: 2011 BMW 1M Coupe
Years Produced: 2011–12
Number Produced: 983 (U.S. spec), 6,342 (total)
Original List Price: $47,010
SCM Valuation: $61,750

What is a M1 car?

Category M. Motor vehicles with at least four wheels. designed and constructed for the. carriage of passengers. Category M1 Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat.

Is BMW 1M collectible?

On occasion, six- and seven-figure exotics from companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini manage this feat, but at the BMW’s comparatively terrestrial price point, it’s all but unprecedented. The 1M Coupe’s status as a blue-chip collectible for the long haul seems all but assured.

What is the value of BMW?

BMW: brand value 2010-2020. In 2020, in a ranking of global brands based on their value, BMW ranked 61 with brand value of roughly 20.5 billion U.S. dollars.

What makes BMW special?

In trying to identify what makes the BMW brand so popular, one word keeps reappearing – performance. At the end of the day, BMW is synonymous with power and performance, making it the sporty luxury brand that’s fun to drive. Some even say that only BMW can offer sheer driving pleasure.

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